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printmyCAD.com is an initiative of Altem Technologies (P) Ltd., meant for providing a 3D Printing experience for Indian organisations. The primary objective of this experience platform is create to familiarize customers with Stratasys’ additive manufacturing technologies.

printmyCAD.com will provide an introduction to exciting new applications you can explore and introduce you to a very bright future of personal desktop manufacturing and help you navigate greater path of freedom and creativity in product innovation. To explore further, you need to duly fill in the fields below & upload your 3D CAD models in .stl format of appropriate scale and size (refer terms) and within next few working days, you will have your 3D CAD model in a physical form in your hands at free of cost.


Please indicate the intended use of the 3D Printed Part in the below field. Please be as elaborte as possible and include details like temperature, accuracy level, surface finish, envoiromental etc.

Form Fit
Functionality Test
Sand Casting
Architectural Models
Presentation model
Investment Casting
Electronic Packaging
Mechanism Validation
Jigs & Fixtures
Guides and Gauges
End Use Parts
Product Mock-up
Composites Manufacturing
Vaccum/Thermo Forming

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